Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Best Samsung Tablet Recovery Software

Samsung galaxy tab has been a hot android device. However, it is unavoidable that you may accidentally deleted photos, videos, or other media files from samsung tablet, and look for solutions to recover deleted formatted data. However when you delete some files you didn't delete the real file, it is the file's entry from the file allocation table that has been deleted.
Well, Samsung tablet data recovery is possible. Photos, videos, contacts and messages data are not erased when they are deleted, only the file entries are deleted.

Is Samsung Tablet Recovery Possible?

The actual contents of the file are still existing on the disk. This is just like a book without a bookmark, you cannot locate the exact page you read last time immediately.

Step1 Stop any action on that Samsung tablet

  • You should leave the card or disk alone and do not save or delete anything you will view on it after you found something missing.
  • Don't touch the chip on your damaged SD card.
  • Any action will lead to a lower success rate of data recovery.
  • Actually there is something named "file allocation table" in all disks in your computer.
  • If the disk FAT is corrupted or deleted, the computer can never locate the wanted data in the disk.
  • Therefore you cannot see your deleted files.

Step2 Use data recovery software-Samsung Tablet Recovery Software

If you choose Samsung Tablet Recovery Software to recover Samsung Tablet card, it will be much easier. Samsung Tablet Recovery Software is easy-to-use image recovery software. The software can effectively recover deleted or lost images, music, video, and multimedia files from almost all digital cards after disasters like erroneous deletion, corruption or formatting errors, etc. Using Samsung Tablet Recovery Software is safe and risk-free.

How to use Samsung Tablet Recovery Software to recover Samsung Tablet?
1.Download Samsung Tablet Recovery Software, open it and Click Scan.
samsung tablet recovery
2. Select the drive or card that where the lost files had been stored. Click Scan. The software will quickly scan the selected disk to find all your target files.
samsung tablet recovery software
3. Find the files you want to restore in the scan result.
Select them and click Recover. Set a destination folder to save the recovered images. You can find the recovered files in the destination folder.
The destination folder can't be in the same drive as the drive you scanned.
Well done! You have found all lost files from your Samsung phone with Samsung Data Recovery. You can also resume your important SMS, pictures and music with the Samsung Data Recovery.