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[Anwsered] Backup in Windows 7 HANGS!

Backup in Windows 7 HANGS!

I've been working on this problem for a WEEK now, and I thought that what I have found out may help someone else.
I bought a new computer 3 weeks ago.
 It's an HP Pavilion with 6GB memory, 1TB hard drive, an AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 635 Processor, and Windows 7 64-bit.
I did the initial backup process where you "Set up backup" for the first time.
 I set the scheduling to do a backup every week; so a week ago, it told me to back up my computer.
 Easy; right?  HA!
Well, I clicked "Backup now," and it started to do its thing.
 It creates a Shadow Copy; then it asked me to insert a disk in the Drive that I selected for the backup.
 I put in a CD-R disk with 700mb.
 It formatted the disk, and
the backup began.
 (By the way, I also chose for Windows to select what gets backed up.)
Well, it took 3 hours to get to 41%, and it stayed at 41% for 6 hours.
 The whole
6 hours, I said to myself, "This computer is 2 weeks old, and the backup shouldn't be taking this long."  I figured that this isn't right; so I chose to stop the backup.
 It stopped the backup, but I couldn't eject the disk from the DVD RW
 So I shut down the computer, and I opened the drive to get the disk out when the computer started back up again.
Well, when the computer came back on, the "Action Center" icon in the taskbar still said that the backup was in progress.
 "GOOD LORD," I thought to myself.
 I opened up the "Backup and Recovery" program from the Control Panel, and
it said the same thing.
 GRRRRRRR!  I had a 1.5GB Flashdrive hanging around; so I put that in my USB 2.0 port, and I clicked "Change Settings" in the Backup and Restore program.
 It recognized my flashdrive; so I chose that to do another backup.
 This time
I chose to choose the files myself, and I only chose one small .doc file to backup.
 It backed it up, finished, and fixed the "Action Center" message from saying that the backup was in progress.
The next day, I decided to try the backup again.
 This time I used a DVD+R 4GB disk in the DVD RW drive that I was going to use for my backup.
 Once again, I let Windows choose what to backup.
 Well, after three hours, it was at 91%;
and it stayed at 91% for at least 6 hours AGAIN!  Well, by this time, my MIGRAINE has kicked in.
 I repeated the WHOLE above process to get the message off the Action Center, and I went to bed.
 The whole time I'm thinking to myself that this is ridiculous.
 For God's sake, it's a NEW computer; and a backup just shouldn't be this hard.
Day 3:  If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!  Ha!  Well, by this point, I'm thinking that something is wrong with my DVD RW drive.
 So I put in a fresh CD-R disk, and I burned a couple of files onto the disk.
 It all worked
 WHEW!  So I decided that I will try this backup process one more time.
 I did everything the same as I did with the first backup.
 Only this time, I waited 24 hours, and it was only at 34%.
 Now I really ticked!  And once again, I
went through the process to get the dang message off the Action Center.
Well, because I'm a bit ____ and because I don't give up easily -- Yep, you got it.
 I tried again.
 I managed to find a 16GB flashdrive, and used that for my media for the backup.
 I had Windows chose what to backup, and lo and behold, the backup was COMPLETELY
done in 15 minutes.
 The backup size was 3.84GB; so it should have worked fine when I used the DVD+R disk with 4GB a few days prior.
SHAME ON YOU MICROSOFT!  SHAME ON YOU!  If the media size is a problem, there needs to be a message that comes up and says "Disk full, please insert the next disk."  COME ON, PEOPLE AT MICROSOFT!  GET YOUR STUFF TOGETHER.  You've
taken a week out of my life for a relatively simple problem -- a pop up message.
The moral to this story for all of you who are STRUGGLING with the same problem is that the problem with the backup is because of the media that you're using.
 I would recommend to use a flashdrive and to be sure that it's at least 10GB.
 If this helps at
least one person, I will be a happy camper..................4t9rs

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